Sheep - Drafters/Weigh Crates

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Sheep - Drafters/Weigh Crates

Prattley Drafters/Weigh Crates are available in various configurations such as:

  • manual or automatic
  • 3 way or 5 way
  • slide gate or swing gate

3 Way Manual Drafter (S03300 R or L)


  • Light weight (34kgs)
  • Suits most electronic systems
  • Design allows sheep to flow


Left or Right hand options - Right hand shown.

3 Way & 5 Way Auto Drafters


  • Quiet Pneumatic operation

Autodrafting in Three Easy Steps

1.          Turn it ON

2.          Select the weight

3.          Select the file

  • Auto weigh approx 700 sheep per Hour
  • Conventional drafting with Remote
  • EID compatible

The Prattley Autodrafter is a powerful tool allowing a single operator to control the weighing and drafting of small or large numbers of stock. The Prattley Auto Drafter co-ordinates all the devices used for weighing and drafting into a seamless package and offers these features.

  • Drafting by weight
  • Drafting by weight gain
  • Drafting on EID tag database
  • Drafting by sight (remote manual drafting)
  • Selective weighing/drafting
  • Selective bypassing of weighing cycle
  • Weigh-then-HOLD to allow inspection before drafting
  • Remote override of indicators draft range
Рекомендую купить такую вещь как сушка для белья , это практично и удобно.

Рекомендую купить такую вещь как сушка для белья, это практично и удобно.